Big Brother's Potential New Toy

It's sobering to understand how many of the components of all the "dystopian future"-type novels are either with us now, or are pretty conspicuously visible just over the horizon. Even more so when you realize how we tend to make a bit of a fuss at first, then usually just go with the status quo; the unacceptable becomes accepted. I shouldn't need to spell out examples, if you sit and think for a moment you can come up with your own list.

Well, here's another item with great potential - a "speech jamming" device. It uses a delay effect, which causes many people to become unable to speak while it is working, and it can be used at a distance. You may have encountered this effect yourself (I have), when using Skype or something similar if you are speaking and also hearing yourself in your headset, but with your voice delayed by a short time - it's very hard to continue to talk.

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