iPad 3 Rumors Abound

As usual, with the anticipated release of an Apple product - any Apple product - the rumors start a-flyin'. With the iPad 3 expected imminently, the level of fervor is cranked up to 11. One of the more interesting recent reports comes from Arstechnica, who noticed some interesting items in their server logs of all places. One was a device with a display resolution that matched the rumored new "retina" display type for the iPad 3. It's not a common resolution, so it was of interest. The other was some references to iOS 6 and a newer version of the "WebKit"; it's expected that iOS 6 will be a feature of the iPad 3 (although perhaps not at the launch). Current devices are running iOS 5.x. So, some circumstantial evidence, but interesting detective work from Arstechnica. We should get the straight scoop shortly...

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