My Slow Road To A Media Center PC - Part Deux

Following up on my previous post,  I got the old PC out of the closet (formerly my PC, then my daughter's, and now mine again by default), used most of a can of compressed air to de-clog it (cough, sneeze), and loaded up XBMCbuntu. XBMCbuntu is XBMC nailed on top of an Ubuntu distribution, and it loaded very nicely, with no drama. I was able to easily set up the wireless card and even the $20 wireless keyboard I had picked up. But alas, when XBMCbuntu fired up, I was greeted to a goppingly slow UI.

I mean "press-a-key-and-wait-three-or-four-seconds-for-something-to-happens" kinda slow.

Hmmm. The computer is older, but it's not a 486 or something. After some head scratching, I realized the video card did not support OpenGL 2.0, so XBMC was using a software renderer. Ugh. Well, I guess I need a less ancient video card. So near, yet so far...

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