Thinking Out Of The Box

I enjoy it when someone comes up with an idea that really makes me think "how did they come up with that?". A great example of that would be a camera that gives you a description of the scene you just snapped. In words. Whoa, wait - what? Yep, the prototype device will spit out a thermally printed description of what was photographed, after a couple of minutes. Now, reminiscent of the gadgets in the Flintstones, there is actually someone who looks at the photo and then types a description, and that is what the camera prints out. 

Now if you went really bonkers - and this part is my contribution - how about a pair of wireless glasses for the visually impaired? The wearer is standing on a street and triggers a built-in camera on the glasses; the scene is analyzed via a data network connection (and ultimately I guess the analysis could be done by computer) and the description is verbalized back to the wearer "You are standing across the street from the XYZ City Hospital". GPS could be utilized too. Bitchin'

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