Google's Goggles Get (more) Real

I'm sorry, whenever I read about Google's "Project Glass", the phrase "Google Goggles" just pops into my mind. It's juvenile, I know, but I guess I'm a twelve-year-old in a Baby Boomer's body. The latest is that Google employees have been very conspicuously "out and about" lately wearing the (working?) prototypes for all to see and wonder about. A great buzz-generator if nothing else - and they also released the first "real" video from someone presumably wearing these glasses. Disappointingly, it does not show any "hud" information, just a first-person look of the wearer using a trampoline.

Prediction - IF (and it's a big "if") Google can deliver on even half of the promise of this product (an unobtrusive, wearable augmented reality /video recording device) this will be a frickin' monster.

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