Fuel Cell Vehicles MIA

I love it when an article answers something that has been nagging at me! For years we have heard that all the hybrids and electric-only cars are just an interim step towards the fuel cell-powered vehicle. These are pure electric vehicles, but instead of plugging in overnight, they call be "refueled" in a few minutes, similar to a conventional gas- or diesel-powered vehicle. They use Hydrogen, that ubiquitous element, as their power source, and leave behind only water and some heat.

Sounds great, so where are they? Well they need infrastructure - a way to deliver the compressed hydrogen - but perhaps more critically they need better catalysts to allow them to work inexpensively, and to have longevity. The article gives a great overview of the catalyst problem. Meanwhile, check out the Top Gear video of James (Captain Slow) May enjoying a Honda Fuel Cell car.


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