Gosh, Microsoft Still Doesn't Quite Get It

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I have worked with Microsoft software for years, in various capacities, so I take the articles below at face value. Based up my experience, Microsoft still doesn't quite 'get it' in many ways. For example, Windows 8 is championing the new Metro interface, which means to bring touch to Windows in a powerful way and allow Microsoft to jump into the tablet market.
While the concept of Metro is bold, there seems to be almost a lack of conviction; the Apps that are critical to Metros success are reportedly pretty half-assed, even at this late stage. Surely even a small core of useful, attractive and fully functional Metro Apps should be way way up the priority list?

Office 365, the cloud-based offering, has a complicated licensing structure (something I have bumped into with Microsoft products personally in days gone by). You would think this would be a great time to streamline and simplify the licensing as with Google Apps, in order to make the transition that much more appealing - but no: same old same old.

At work, we recently moved our Exchange email to Office 365, and although it works well enough, it was a pretty hairy few days setting things up - largely because we were not already running Server 2008 R2 and Exchange/Outlook 2010. It seems to me if we already had those, then we would have recently spent a good bit of money on them, and therefore be less inclined to move to the cloud anyway. So, why not strive to make it a bit easier for those running Server 2003/Outlook 2007?

Microsoft still doesn't quite get it.

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