A Cloud Services Self-Audit

In the aftermath of the rather disturbing "virtual mugging" I referred to earlier, ArsTechnica has an excellent self-audit article, building upon best practices, and the experiences of the victim. It's a must read (and a must do!) for all of us that use cloud services to any extent.

The first step is to determine how securely you've configured your cloud service accounts—and how much interdependency they have. The best passwords in the world won't help if the exposure of just one account by a server hack or social engineering lets a hacker or fraudster bypass the password and your accounts are too heavily connected


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  1. Great post! I have been reading blog posts on cloud services all morning, thank you for sharing that link with us because that is definitely a informative article. I'm going to make sure to share this with my coworkers and friends who have also been talking about cloud services.