Happy 35th, Radio Shack TRS-80

Yes, the hoary old man of computers, the TRS-80 from Radio Shack, turned 35 on August 3rd. The computer sold well from 1977 (the same year the best Star Wars movie came out) through 1982, via the popular 5,000-odd Radio Shack stores. The computer was powered by a Zilog Z-80 processor, hence the "80" suffix, and initially used a cassette device for storage and loading programs, which was pretty dire. 

I never had a TRS-80, it was a bit rich for my blood - although I did have a Timex TS1000, which also used the same CPU and the gnarly cassette storage, but in a cut-rate quirky package. Later on, I did have a Radio Shack Color Computer 3, which I remember as being pretty sweet and I fiddled around with it's BASIC programming language (as I had also done with the Timex).

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