Microsoft's Kinder, Friendlier Windows 8 Licensing

Microsoft really seems to be going large with Windows 8; new hardware in the form of the Surface devices, aggressive upgrade pricing, and now a more accommodating licensing policy. Folks who build their own computers (like me) are a minority of computer users, to be sure, but who still exist and who still spend money. If you use Microsoft Windows, then the cost of a Windows license is part of your build cost (typically $100 or possibly more). Most home builders would try to use a OEM version of Windows as it's somewhat cheaper, but that's not really what it was intended for. Microsoft seems to be finally acknowledging the existence of such people, as they now have an option specifically for them in the form of a Personal Use License for System Builder (PULSB). A bit of a mouthful, but a welcome concession.

windows 8 new logo

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