A Career In Computing!

There's a commercial I hear a lot on the radio (and it may be on TV too for all I know) that encourages you to look into a "career in computing", and gives a website to visit to start the process. I can't even recall the name of the site, and it's not really that important. The gist of the commercial seems to be, unless I am completely stupid and just not listening, if you go to this site and spend a short time studying - I believe they said "in as little as 6 months" - you can earn "up to $130,000 a year" in a rewarding IT career. 

Now, I work in IT and have done for years. It can be a rewarding career in many ways. HOWEVER, making $130,000 a year in IT demands a lot more than 6 months of study - suggesting otherwise is silly, irresponsible and setting folk up for disappointment. This is not a selfish diatribe because I don't make 130k - it's simply not realistic. To wit, the latest US Census Bureau shows median earnings for computer and math jobs rose 2.8% between 2010 and 2011 to $70,594

Mini-rant over... 

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