Google's Sergey Brin Certainly Has (Self) Drive

Google CEO Sergey Brin said he thinks autonomous (self-driving) cars will be a reality for us ordinary folks within 5 years. Google has been beavering away at this admittedly odd-sounding concept for some time, and has already racked up over 300,000 miles on public roads without any accidents, but not without the need for driver intervention on a couple of occasions. This is something that Brin does not shy away from - possible mechanical malfunctions, software problems and so on are being explored and fretted over. Two US states - Nevada and more recently, California -  have already made the first steps in allowing these vehicles to operate on their roads, but obviously a lot of legislation will be forthcoming before such a grand scheme can be fully realized on a large scale. I myself believe that the hardware and software will be ready within the 5 year window, I'm just not entirely sure I will be...

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