Ho, Ho, Ho - Green Giant

The Incredible Hulk is one of those comic book characters that must be particularly difficult to translate into a live action setting. Apart from being a fairly ridiculous premise, just the physical realization of a large green humanoid thing must be a daunting proposition - and yet, we keep plugging away at it. The original "TV Hulk", with the big green version played by Lou Ferrigno, looks quaint now, but I can recall seeing the pilot show with Dr. Banner (the late Bill Bixby) "hulking out" unexpectedly while trying to fix a flat tire in the rain - it was pretty cool and rather startling.

In the realm of CGI Hulks, there is quite a difference in the three versions we have had so far - partly due to the technology available no doubt, but also in the individual movie "takes" on the character. I should say I am not a Hulk comic reader, so I don't know which versions if any come closer to the actual written character. There were a couple of moments I really liked in the first movie with Eric Bana, but parts of it were really trippy. The second one with Edward Norton was a little too cartoony during it's climactic battle to be satisfying. To my mind, the most recent "Avengers" Hulk was something special, with Bruce Banner played in a touching way by Mark Ruffalo.

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