"Internet Exploder" Seems Oddly Appropriate At Times

When I hear the snarky moniker "Internet Exploder" I have a brief vision of Steve Ballmer, red-faced and fuming, with veins popping out on his sweaty temples. In my vision, he is berating some cowering minion - yes, my mind actually works like that sometimes. Anyway, I should not be surprised if he has been in fine form lately, as Internet Explorer (all current versions) are once again affected by a zero-day vulnerability that falls outside Microsoft's update schedule. Microsoft is issuing a temporary fix in the next few days, which I'm sure all of two or three dozen users will actually install. The "real" fix will presumably come in a forthcoming "Patch Tuesday" release. I don't blame Microsoft, in the sense that IE is such a HUGE target for the bad guys - Internet Explorer is a victim of it's own ubiquity.

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