Microsoft+Adobe+Flash+IE10 = Clusterfizzle

Well, this is just silly. 

The IE 10 browser that come with Windows 8 has a bundled Flash player in the browser, a'la Google's Chrome. Neither browser's plugin can be updated by Adobe - they are patched by Microsoft and Google respectively, so the recent Flash update can't be applied to either. Chrome gets security updates pushed to it as needed, whereas Microsoft issues security updates on "Patch Tuesday" - the second Tuesday of the month - primarily to provide a timetable for sysadmins around which to organize their update deployments. 

Adobe also releases updates on Tuesdays, but usually the third or fourth Tuesdays - see where I am going with this? There is potentially a big friggin' G-A-P twixt the two. Flash player exploits are very prevalent, so I think the two companies need to figure this out pretty quick. Also, Microsoft has apparently decided not to issue a patch for the IE 10 version of Flash player until the official release of Windows 8, so those using the consumer or developer preview versions should take note.

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