Squawking Over Windows 8 Readiness

I have noticed several articles (examples here and here) primarily based around comments from Intel head honcho Paul Otellini that Windows 8 is "not ready" for release. While that could be true - and Lord knows have seen examples from Apple, Microsoft and others in the past about slightly-better-than-beta-quality products being released as 1.0 software  (Windows Vista and the first version of  Mac OS X come to mind) - it seems most people who have worked with Windows 8 thus far are saying pretty positive things about the overall performance - fast, smooth, etc. It's not entirely clear from the reports I've see what Mr. Otellini is specifically referring too.

The complaints I have seen (disregarding the Metro/Modern UI interface, which I personally dislike) are that the Apps are a bit hinkey and there are only a very few of them. I doubt that would overly concern Intel at this stage though, those should come along in due course. The comments were made at a private company function and were not intended for public consumption (wink, wink), so who knows what the cunning subterfuge is behind all this...

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