Thoughts On The Kindle Fire HD

Amazon has come up with a revamped line of Kindle Fire tablets, the head of which - the almost 9 inch Kindle Fire HD - had a pretty high specification display (close to Apple's Retina display resolution), and some other nice hardware improvements. No doubt they will sell in gobs, just like the original Fire and the iPad have. Amazon has a great marketing infrastructure, obviously, and they have tweaked the Android OS (now Android 4.0) on the Fire models to better suit their audience and the products they are offering to them. In that sense, it's a similar kind of deal to Apple and iTunes - a carefully curated store of media to be consumed by paying customers. 

On the other hand, the "normal" Android Store (now Google Play) for the rest of us is a bit more loosey-goosey, and to be honest I sort of like the latter approach. To see the sales of the previous Fire tablet and the continuing success of the iPad, I must be in the minority though. So, should be an interesting holiday season!

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