Tin Foil Hat Time - NGI

I don my tinfoil hat from time to time, mostly when I read articles like this. The description of the FBI's new Next Generation Identification system gives me that queasy feeling you sometimes get when you realize something unsettling is coming to fruition. In this case, the system will use biometric and closed circuit TV data to create a permanent recognition file - and not just for convicted criminals.

Going far beyond the scope of those with criminal backgrounds, the NGI data includes criminals and non-criminals alike—in other words, innocent American citizens. The information is being amassed through a variety of routine procedures, with the police leading the way as prime collectors of biometrics for something as non-threatening as a simple moving violation. For example, the New York Police Department began photographing irises of suspects and arrestees in 2010, routinely telling suspects that the scans were mandatory, despite there being no law requiring defendants to have their irises scanned.
That, to me, is unsettling.

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