What Is A Chromebook *Really* Like?

Google's Chromebook notebooks have fallen off the radar lately, amidst the tablet tsunami and waiting for Windows 8. The Chromebooks run Chrome OS (which appears very much like using the Chrome browser), but is almost entirely a cloud centric device. There is little or no local storage, and the software used comes in the forms of apps. If my recollection is correct, the initial suggestion was that businesses were going to buy or lease these devices to replace Windows boxes. However, the article below features a 3-month test drive that does point out some problems, even after several years of ongoing development.

For all but the lightest, web-focused users, the OS will present major problems, many of which are hard to notice until they emerge in regular use. While Google has had more than three years now to fix the more obvious issues, the amped-up Chrome OS release cycle ensures that new ones emerge just as soon as the old ones disappear.

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