A $40 Tablet And Western Expectations

A pretty remarkable tablet computer from Datawind has had a tough time getting off the ground; they are aloft, but not yet soaring. After a very shaky initial product got bogged down by crazy demand and a lack of capability to quickly meet the orders, the company revamped the design, now called the UbiSlate 7ci, and is catching up with orders. It's not getting a big amount of positive press here, but then again the West is not really the target audience:

“The biggest problem we have with this device is that none of the decision makers, the reviewers, or the trend setters are our customer,” said Suneet Singh Tuli, the chief executive of Datawind. “Personal computers caught on in the U.S. when the price got to about 25 percent of the average person’s monthly income. In India, where people make $200 a month, that is about $50,” added Mr. Singh, who was born in India and raised in Canada.

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