Camera Cooties Compromise Confidentiality

Here's a crafty scheme - come up with a smartphone app disguised as something innocent, but have it take photos under certain conditions (i.e. when it's not in your pocket) and send them for collection and analysis. You could find out all kinds of stuff like that, such as mapping the victims' surroundings. Well, we'll need to come up with something else Skippy, 'cos that one's been done. Researchers at the Naval Surface Warfare Center have a pretty good handle on this cunning ruse - sneaky buggers.
Malware called PlaceRaider...takes control of a smartphone's camera, relaying information about the target's physical environment back to the thief. The PlaceRaider malware could be hidden inside a custom-made, innocuous-looking app, something like Instagram or Hipstamatic that would be downloaded by a large number of users, the researchers say.

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