CD, We Hardly Knew Ye...

The once-ubiquitous CD turned 30 on October first, and after a pretty good innings - 30 years is impressive for any technology in this day and age - it's probably running out the clock now that digital rules. Now, of course, CD's are a digital medium -  the one's and zeros comprising the data are read from the media by laser. In it's heyday, everything was on CD - videogames, music, even camcorders would record on mini discs. And AOL - remember AOL install disks?? Now though, digital downloads, mp3 players and flash drives are king; even laptops tend not to have a DVD/CD drives anymore. Blu-Ray and other disk-based media and are the successors, but the technology is different enough that I think we can safely doff our caps to the old CD and wish it a happy retirement.

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