iOS 6 "Features" Abound

The old saw that "It's not a bug, it's a feature." seems to be unhappily falling upon Apple's latest version of the iPhone and upon iOS 6. Now of course, every new version of anything has bugs - it's just that in this case, well, it's Apple and they are showing up rather quickly after the roll out (which surely means they should have been "caught" before the product's shipped, no?). So far we have had sub-par map software, some 4G LTE connection weirdness, odd purple flares from the camera, and a situation where Really Big amounts of data were being downloaded unbeknownst to the customers. This was quickly fixed for US Verizon customers, but apparently not for our Aussie brothers and sisters, some of whom were handed several thousand dollar data bills from their Telco's. Crikey!

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