Reinventing The Antivirus Wheel

Most virus scanning software works by comparing known virus "signatures" with what it finds during the scan process, and that can make it difficult to keep up with new exploits. AV software can also use heuristics to try to recognize virus-type behavior, which can help with detection (and sometimes lead to false positives). Startup company ZeroVulnerabilityLabs is trying something different, and while they are naturally being tight-lipped about exactly how they are doing what they do, they are offering an "exploit blocking" program that you supposedly install and forget about.

What it is not, for now, is whitelisting, blacklisting, sandboxing, nor does it fingerprint malware, an approach it rightly identifies as obsolete. Heuristics? The company seems not to like that term either in its online literature.“When ExploitShield detects a shielded application being exploited it automatically stops the malicious code from executing. Once stopped it will automatically close the attacked application,” the company said on its website.

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