Using NASA To Hunt For Dyson Spheres - Really?

If you are a STNG (Star Trek - The Next Generation) fan, you should recall the episode "Relics", where Engineer Montgomery Scott (from the original show) was rescued from a transportation buffer after being held there for many decades. Scotty then had to help the STNG crew get out of a problem concerning a Dyson Sphere. The concept of a Dyson Sphere was not a writer's plot device; it was postulated by  Freeman Dyson as a incredibly huge device that would surround a star and harness it's energy. 

Dr. Jason Wright of Penn State has been awarded funding from the John Templeton Foundation to use NASA's WISE (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer) to search for signs of these massive constructs - which would surely be a signature of a very advanced civilization. Apparently, SETI's search for radio waves is old hat these days.

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