December 2012 Is M.I.A.

In a tin-foil-hat-wearer's dream, Google programmers left December 2012 out of the Android People App. The whole month. Gone. Surely a confirmation of our nightmare scenario that the Mayans had it right all along - that when December 21st rolls around, that's it; game over, man. It does seem almost unimaginable that an entire month would go missing - I mean, everyone knows each year has twelve of them, right? Well, sure, but computers don't know that unless someone tells them. So, a suitably chagrined Google is rushing out a fix - hopefully it will arrive before the 21st....
The missing month doesn't affect Android's calendar app, but makes it impossible for users to put birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates into their Android People application, according to a post by the Android team on Google+.

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