Facebook Eats Their Own App

Facebook is hoping to get its own employees using the Facebook app on the Android platform; so much so it has posters to that effect on display around their HQ office. They even co-opted the phrase "eating your own dogfood" - meaning a company considers their product so highly that they themselves use it (as we do at my place of work!). In Facebook's case, they refer to the practice of using the Facebook Android app as "Droidfooding". Facebook has supported the iPhone and iPad for a longer period and so the Android app is playing a bit of "catch up", so it's encouraging to see a bit of extra attention being given to it.

Facebook automatically updates its employees' Facebook apps to the most recent beta available. As users discover issues within Facebook's apps, they need merely shake their smartphones back and forth to activate a built-in "Rage Shake" feature.
This clever means for bug reporting automatically saves the state of the users' devices and transmits a message about the issue to those tasked with killing bugs within Facebook's apps – which looks, on paper, about a million times easier than pulling up a Web form and filling out an actual bug report.

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