Famous Last Words?

If you have seen the UK version of the motoring geek show "Top Gear", you will have no doubt witnessed the scenario where the hosts will explain some goofball project they have in mind (like making a railway train out of a modified Jaguar car), and one of them will pipe up "How hard can it be?". At that point, the audience can be sure that hilarity will ensue. This week, recently-installed RIM CEO Thorsten Heins told an assembly at the NewYork Times "I don't expect things to get much worse". Now, the maker of the Blackberry has a new handset and OS coming out - Blackberry 10 - and is pretty much relying on this device to pull them back from the abyss of total irrelevance.
The NYT's Bits blog reports that "the phone will not introduce any significant hardware innovations", but that the BB10 OS seeks to make tasks much easier by intelligently consolidating "bits of information and capabilities that are distributed through separate apps on current smartphones.

Fuzzy leaked image of The Phone

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