Gmail And The Fall Of David Patraeus

Lot's of folk have Gmail accounts, also Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and so on. These web-based email services are intended to be secure, within the confines of also being easy to use and readily available. David Patraeus, the fallen ex-CIA chief had a personal Gmail account. While no-one is suggesting he was keeping national secrets in his Gmail account, the FBI investigation that apparently triggered his resignation was kicked off when some of his associates began receiving harassing emails, the source of which appears to have been information perhaps culled (directly or indirectly) from Patraeus' Gmail account. It's well know that countries try (sometimes relentlessly) to hack into any kind of accounts that can give them any kind of access to other accounts, and so on, up the ladder. It's like the small hole in the retaining wall that starts to allow the flood water to come through. So maybe this is a bit of a wake-up call?

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