Hooked On Crapware

Ah, crapware! New PC manufacturers love to "add value" to your computer purchase by installing A LOT of software, most of which are trials for paid programs. The tiresome part is that the sheer number of these can adversely impact the performance of the computer, and give a rather bad first impression to a new user - hence the term "crapware". The computer manufacturers get a small monetary consideration for this setup which helps with their costs, and the software companies get some "free" advertising to a captive audience. 

Even the new crop of slick new Windows 8 computers are not immune to this phenomenon, and in the world of already thin margins, it's unlikely that we will see an end to this anytime soon. A shame, because most folk don't want to spend the first half hour or so with their new PC uninstalling toolbars and trial versions of marginally useful software - there will be plenty of time for the new owner to gum up the works themselves over the coming months and years...

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