Microsoft MSE Antivirus Takes A Tumble

This is a little unsettling, even though I personally think the AV testing game is a bit of  a racket. I guess the two established free Antivirus solutions would now be AVG and Avira. The latter, although having good detection rates, is even more "naggy" than AVG. Maybe this is atemporary dip for MSE, we'll see...
Every two months, AV-Test takes a look at popular antivirus software and security suites and tests them in several ways. In their latest test which was performed on Windows 7 during September and October, Microsoft Security Essentials didn't pass the test to achieve certification. Although that may not sound that impressive, Microsoft's program was the only one which didn't receive AV-Test's certificate. For comparison, the other free antivirus software, including Avast, AVG and Panda Cloud did.

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