My Continuing OS Merry-Go-Round

I don't know how it started exactly, but for the last 8 months or so I have been futzing around with various operating systems on my notebook. I had just re-installed Windows 7 a week or so ago, but quickly became irritated with the whole drivers/updates/spyware thing, and so decided to go back to Linux Mint - which coincidentally just came out with version 14. To my chagrin, the Cinnamon desktop version I downloaded was having problems with my video card (whereas Mint 13 had been okay). I fiddled around a bit and just made things worse, so I decided to try Xubuntu - which is still Ubuntu (Mint is also based upon Ubuntu), but running the more lightweight Xfce desktop. So far, so good. I have not tweaked a whole lot yet, just added things like VLC player and so on. I think I must subconsciously enjoy this kind of malarkey...

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