What Are We Thinking?

Today's timely Google doodle was of Rodin's instantly recognizable sculpture "The Thinker" - you'll know it as soon as you see it. It depicts a person lost in thought, wrestling with something or other in their mind. It occurred to me, seeing the beautifully evocative depiction, that most of us don't think very much anymore; or at least, I suspect we seldom ponder things, mull them over, or cogitate. Most times we blithely follow the meme, "like" and "retweet", or simply soak up whatever CNN or Fox News is telling us and perhaps repeat that to our friends in lieu of actually coming up with a reasoned position on something. Of course, there are still great "thinkers" out there, but I suspect most of us - myself included, I'm afraid - just sort of go along for the ride...kinda sad, actually.

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