Dang, Now There Might Be A "Mutuant Gap"

With the buzz about the possibilities of biologically enhancing human beings for longer life, better health, strength, cognition, etc. - thoughts must turn to the military, where the BIG bucks are really spent, and where the envelop is really pushed. Ah, but what if the US is not the leader in the race to God-knows-what? Potential mutated human soldiers may lead to a Mutant Gap!
According to the futurists at the U.S. National Intelligence Council, by 2030, “neuro-enhancements could provide superior memory recall or speed of thought. Brain-machine interfaces could provide ‘superhuman‘ abilities, enhancing strength and speed, as well as providing functions not previously available.
These modifications could give rise to new breeds of biologically enhanced troops possessing what one expert in the field calls “mutant powers.” But those troops may not American. So far, the U.S. military has been extremely reluctant to embrace human biological modification, or “biomods.”

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