Every Home Should Have One...

... a projectile-vomiting robot, of course - what did you think I meant? If you are studying a nasty virus that can be spread by the old "technicolor yawn", then obviously you want something that can barf on demand, so to speak. Hence, a projectile vomiting robot! Oh, and call it "Vomiting Larry" of course...

Norovirus is a fairly common viral infection that is sometimes known as the "winter vomiting bug" due to its increased prevalence in the colder months. Outbreaks are generally triggered when humans ingest contaminated food or water, but can continue when subsequent people come in contact with surfaces that have been contaminated by the initial patient's effluvium.
How do surfaces become contaminated? That's the icky part. Fecal contamination is one way. Aerosolization of the virus through vomit is another, and that route of transmission is believed to have been responsible for many significant outbreaks.

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