New Myspace - What IS It?

New Myspace is the old Myspace shaken, stirred, chopped, blended, sauteed, and put through a "Young Creative People" strainer. Remember Myspace, one of the first BIG social media sites - but fallen into disuse and disrepair over the years? Well, Justin Timberlake and others have taken it under their wing, fluffed it up, and now it's back. Matt Miller at Forbes has the low-down.
It’s actually pretty exciting, the problem is, though, there’s nothing tying all of these ingredients together. I have no idea what the main goal of the New Myspace is. At first glance one would think it’s just a site to find and listen to music on. But then why does it have a radio and a video section? Why do I make connections with people and update a status and upload pictures and have a profile? Essentially, if you’re overwhelmed by all of Facebook’s features you’ll likely have an emotional breakdown looking at the New Myspace. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, which are pretty much aimed at everyone, New Myspace really only targets creative-type people between the ages of 10 and 25.

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