Upgrading To Windows 8? Maybe Not...

Having a computer that is a few years old might mean a rough transition to Windows 8, even if it runs Windows 7 well enough - and meets the Windows 8 minimum requirements. In fact this article suggests upgrading anything more than just a couple of years old might be a hassle. In all honesty, this is not a particularly startling or profound revelation - it was ever thus. PC makers don't really want you to hang on to your old kit, they understandably want you to get nice shiny new model. To that end, they may not put much (any) effort into providing suitable drivers for Windows 8. I ran into this with a Sony Vaio laptop and Windows 7; it had a "designed for XP" logo, and was only a few years old, but I'd be damned if I could ever get it working properly with Windows 7. It worked just fine with Linux Mint though...


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