Geek Out With Free Security Tools

The older I get, the more paranoid I become - or maybe "cagey" is a better term; I'm not actually searching the skies for black helicopters (yet). Using a computer every day, as many of us do, it's so easy to become complacent in terms of general security, and when Something Bad happens, it really rocks us on our heels. There are lots of little things you can (and should) do to try to keep your head above water; keep your computer updated, run an antivirus program, etc. Then there are additional layers you can add to allow your paranoid self to step back from the ledge, such as the items in this list from PCWorld. While none of them are particularly complex, some may be a bit less well known and possibly more useful, in a twisted logic sort of way. They are also all free, which is A Good Thing.

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