Microsoft Bashes Bamital Botnet!

Microsoft, with a little help from its friends Symantec and the FBI, have put a hurt on a web-search-hijacking trojan that has infected over 8 million Windows computers over the last couple of years. An infected computer would throw out bogus search results, leading the computer operator to sketchy sites riddled with more malware. The take-down consisted of physical raids on data centers hosting the botnet's controlling servers and some fancy legal work to tie things up in a bow.
Prior to the takedown users of infected machines might have been unaware that anything was wrong, but they will now find that their search function is broken as their search queries will consistently fail. Owners of infected computers trying to complete a search query will now be redirected to an official Microsoft and Symantec webpage explaining the problem and provides information and resources to remove the Bamital infection and other malware from their computers.

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