Rapsberry Pi Kills Robocalls Dead

Robocalls - those insanely annoying intrusions into our quiet time - wither before a hacktastic piece of Raspberry Pi-powered skulduggery. A bit clunky at the moment, but most prototypes are. Love it.
When the Federal Trade Commission told the public it would give $50,000 to anyone who could devise an effective and convenient way to stop telemarketing robocalls, proposals from more than 700 would-be inventors came in.
Among those was Alex Ruiz, a 24-year-old Linux systems administrator from California. Ruiz saw a way to combine his programming and tinkering skills with a device we've written a lot about—the Raspberry Pi. During the past three months, Ruiz devised a system including a Raspberry Pi, an analog telephone adapter, and a network switch that uses whitelisting to pass legitimate calls through while blocking those annoying telemarketers.


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