The New Star Wars Movies

My goodness, there has been a lot of speculation about the new Star Wars movies. If you are not aware, Disney purchased Lucasfilm last December from Star Wars Director and originator George Lucas, and intends to make at least three more Star Wars movies chronologically following the stories laid out in the original trilogy ("A New Hope", "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return Of The Jedi"). So far, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher (Luke and Leia) are at least in talks to come back, presumably playing older versions of their characters, and just recently it also seems that Harrison Ford will return, likely playing everyone's favorite Nerf-herder, Han Solo.

It think one of the reasons so much buzz is being generated about these new movies is that it is a chance for a do-over. I personally was very disappointed with the "prequels"; I saw each one, hoping they would get better - but alas, no; a lot of sizzle, but little steak. The hope seems to be that Disney will put enough creative and financial resources into this project to make some good movies in the vein of the original. Hence, movie and fan sites are drooling over every scrap of information, trying to get a feel for something that is at least two years away from the theaters.

Who is the director, who is writing, will the creative team be back, will the trio mentioned above be in all three movies or just to set the stage in the first one (Episode VII)? Will they indeed stick to the tone of A New Hope, or "pull a Batman" and go for a darker feel? Some of these we already know - the writer (at least for the first movie) is Michael Arndt, and the script is written. I do feel pretty good about this at this early stage, but of course time will tell. I will be interested to see if the actors play the characters at their true ages (Harrison Ford is 70 now), or if they will be de-aged by computer magic to be just a bit older than the original movies - with Star Wars, who knows?

It will be sort of nice to see those scrolling titles again...

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