Hacking In The Movies

I am not a hacker, nor even a programmer. Oh, I have done scripting form time to time, but most people in IT have done that at some point. However, hackers are a special breed in some regards - smart, tenacious and creative. These types of characters have been portrayed in the movies, and are almost always done in an exaggerated manner. The video from Hackaday below lists the Top 10 movie hacking "fails" - portrayals that are nothing like what a hacker actually might do. The criticisms are valid, but I doubt that many movie goers would actually want to see someone fiddling around with lines of code - so the movie maker's attempts to give visual clues or analogies as to what is supposed to be happening is understandable (even while they are pretty silly). The most "realistic" portrayal I can think of in a major movie is probably by the character Trinity in the second Matrix movie.

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