Seeing Not Always Believing

A video released recently to YouTube looked like a spiffy UFO encounter - one of those where you know it must be fake, because it looked too good. Isn't that weird, the way we process things like that? If it's blurry and grainy, we argue about what it shows - but conversely, if it looks too good to be true, we assume it is. Now, I will say right off the bat that I really have a hard time with anything "weird" I see on YouTube; it's far too easy produce visual wonders on a laptop these days. Of course, "easy" is relative; you still need an idea and talent to carry it off!

The video below "UFO Over Santa Clarita" shows an encounter with a couple of UFOs while driving a car. The video was made by filmmaker Aristomenis “Meni” Tsirbas, and is interesting enough on it's own. It has the usual lens flare, and focus and framing "problems" that hoaxers often use to make the video appear more like it was shot "live":

So what, you say? There are dozens, nay hundreds, of these things on YouTube and around the web. However, the really remarkable thing about the above clip - the thing that sets it way above most other videos of this type - is that the entire thing is a digital creation. It's in effect a digital cartoon - nothing is real at all. Now, that's impressive. See the "making of" video below:

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