Childhood's End Coming To SyFy Channel

I have mixed reactions on the announcement of Ringworld and Childhood's End being brought to the small screen by the SyFy channel. I have not read Larry Niven's Ringworld (for shame, for shame), but Arthur C Clarke's Childhoods End is one of my favorites. I have at least two rather large reservations though, in regard to the latter story; viewers may think of both the "V" miniseries and to a lesser degree the "Independence Day" movie - if only because of the "unexpected appearance of really, really big spaceships around the world"; that may cause some to dismiss it as a similar story, which it isn't. Also, it's a pretty heady tale about the past and future evolution of homo sapiens, with some metaphysical content, some potentially wonderful visuals, and some really moving and profound moments - but can we get that from a TV movie or miniseries these days in an entertaining and thoughtful manner?

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