SimCity Still Sucking, Apparently

I know a little bit about software development (from the outside, looking in) and am familiar with the list of wants and needs and the practical realities of actually producing the darned stuff. However, it's still a bit shocking to see a major game release like SimCity being almost universally panned out of the gate -  and worse, apparently not drastically improving after a full month. Yikes.

Most gamers who weren’t snookered in by the alluring siren call of pre-order goodies on SimCity saw what happened during the title's launch and smartly said “I’ll wait.” One month out, the verdict is in. Keep waiting.
In terms of games whose launches were the entertainment version of explosive diarrhea, and similarly unpleasant, SimCity has earned a place in history. It now joins those lofty, ignominious horrors wrought upon the world of gaming. Let us remember fondly the version of Anarchy Online that formatted your hard drive. A Final Fantasy XIV as being one of the most frustrating subscription-based screensavers you could have signed-up for.

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