A Medical Tricorder - A Couple Of Hundred Years Early

The TV series Star Trek introduced us to a lot of fancy (and imaginary) high-tech gadgets, used in a nonchalant manner by the 23rd-century characters in the show. It's almost shocking how many of the devices and concepts portrayed have come to fruition in the ensuing years - either through the prescience of the writers, or maybe it's life imitating art. The latest in a long line of Star-Trek inspired devices is a "Medical Tricorder" - the Tricorder being a multi-purpose scanning/diagnostic/recording device presented in several versions (medical and non-medical) in the show.
Scanadu has announced updates to its Scanadu Scout, the “first medical Tricorder,” a prototype device designed to measure vital signs; and the launch of an indiegogo campaign. A first-edition Scout can be reserved on indiegogo and will be available in March 2014.
Retro-futuristic medical Tricorder from the 1966 TV show

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