Burger Chain Hardee's Hires the Man of Steel

Ah, movie tie-ins - you gotta love 'em. The Hardee's burger chain has a TV spot featuring Superman, the Man of Steel himself - at least for a few seconds. One of the notable things about the commercial is that it shows a lighter side than the movie trailers we have seen so far - which have been quite "serious", with the exception of a little bit of banter between Lois Lane and Superman - 

- "What's the 'S' stand for?" (referring to the shield symbol on Superman's outfit).
Superman - "It's not an 'S'. On my world, it means 'Hope'"
Lois (being feisty) - "Well, here it's an 'S'".

The commercial shows a Metropolis city worker taking a break from cleaning up the aftermath of a super battle and tucking into a Hardee's burger, when the Man of Steel flies in and lands a bit heavily, creating another crater in the pavement. The worker looks up, Superman shrugs as if to say "Oops", then flies off, kicking up a cloud of dust.

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