Creative Cloud Brings Stormy Weather For Adobe

Adobe recently launched a new suite of products, called Creative Cloud - a collection of professional graphic design tools - and has run into quite a bit of resistance from users of the previous Creative Suite. Creative Cloud is a subscription-based product; instead of paying a (substantial) one time fee to buy the product, users would now pay a monthly fee. This has ruffled feather to the extent that an online petition has arisen to try and get Adobe to consider reversing this decision. To make matters worse, one of the components of the Creative Cloud - it's sync feature - has not been working properly, and has been pulled for now.
The sync feature, which means files being fiddled with on mobile devices such as tablets or in web browsers stay synced-up with desktops, has been out of action since May 15 at 6:02pm UTC, according to Adobe, but users have been reporting problems since Monday. This means that one of – in Adobe's own words – the "core pieces" of its Creative Cloud "vision" doesn't work.

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