Ford Brings The Kitchen Sync

Our daughter just got a new Ford vehicle, and it comes with Ford's Sync technology. Sync allows you to make hands free phone calls, and to control other in-car entertainment functions by voice commands. In the short time we were with her yesterday, it seems to work well - after a slightly fiddly setup process. It forms a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone (Bluetooth is a short range wireless connection protocol) and allows you to download your phone book to the Sync computer, so that you can just say "Call Mom" as you are driving along, and the "car" will call Mom via your smartphone. While you call, the radio is muted and you can hear Mom through the vehicle sound system. Another feature is that you can control the audio system, which I think is a good move. If you have not been in a newer vehicle recently, the sound systems generally either have a ton of buttons, or some kind of touch screen - either way you are fiddling around and distracted while making changes. Voice control has some real safety implications here.

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