Internet Explorer 10 Sucks...Less

With Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft is trying hard to bring their flagship browser back into the good graces of the legions of IE haters. Why the hate? For a good long while, earlier versions of internet Explorer were malware magnets of a sort, largely due to Microsoft's ActiveX component. The browser was also tightly integrated into the Windows operating system, and so any browser flaws had the potential to spread the mischief. Now that IE 10 is also available for Windows 7 - previously it was only available on Windows 8 - people are are least *starting* to sit up and take notice. Apparently, Microsoft has also been on a bit of a marketing blitz with IE 10 over the last several months - although I had not actually seen any of these until very recently. The ads do play humorously on the hate out there, and probably work better because of that approach:

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